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"lest I fall apart ~ stringing myself together ~ with thread from my sleeve"  #haiku @darkhaikumoon
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Autumn Winter Planting Guide for Adelaide

Knowing what to plant during the different seasons is very important. Here is a rough guide to planting vegetables and herbs in Adelaide over the autumn and winter months.     June Winter has usually arrived and conditions are cool to cold and, hopefully, quite wet. Average temperatures - Max. 16.1°C. Min.8.1°C.     WHAT TO PLANT: Vegetables - Seeds and Seedlings: Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Endive, Onions, Peas, Radish. Seeds only; Broad Beans, Lettuce. Almond trees should be planted this month. Other deciduous trees, and bare-rooted shrubs, including roses can also go in later in the month, or during   Read more >>

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Out in the garden

Eighteen months ago I was a lost, homeless soul. After spending six or seven years in temporary accommodation I finally found a lovely two-bedroom unit, with a small garden, through our local housing authority, Housing SA who linked me up with a Housing Association. The unit seemed like a palace after being crammed, with all of my possessions, into one room for the past few years. The back lawn was very patchy and sparse and I decided to dig it up and grow some vegetables to give me something to do. Not being an experienced gardener, I have learnt by experience, by example and by just going out and doing it. I have found the whole process   Read more >>

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