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"cigarette smoke drifts ~ exhaling darkness that floats ~ into lonely dreams"  #haiku @darkhaikumoon
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The Fifth Post . . .

Here is one more post, I'm only posting short posts for the moment to see how this blogging platform works. It only has very basic features, but I can live with that. I had a very quiet day today, spent a bit of time in the garden, planted some cucumber, zucchini and squash. My passionfruit is growing prolificly so I made a bit of a trellis for it out of scraps of wood, I hope the wind doesn't blow it over. I'm sure the passionfruit vines will bind it into a solid structure.

I seem to have a neighbour's cat digging up some a spot in the garden where I've planted some seedling . . . and the cat likes to do its business. I'm getting tired of replating these spring onions and corriander - so I've erected a bit of a structure to deter the said beast. As long as it doesn't decide to dig up my cucumber and zukes.


Been working on some pages for a music and video player. I have the music player working ok, but I just have to integrate it into this site, once I've worked out where the javascript and css files should go. I'm not having any luck with the video player, for some reason I can't get embedded Youtube vides to work. Grrrr. Oh well . . . I'll just keep trying.


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