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"my heart skips a beat ~ as I gaze upon your face ~ in the zombie night"  #haiku @darkhaikumoon
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That was a wild and woolly week

Here we are . . . Sunday again. I managed to lose a day last week. I spent all of Friday thinking it was Saturday. Even when I received a phone call from someone . . . I thought . . . that's strange - what are they doing working on a Saturday . . . I was almost suspicious . . . and then I realised. Doh.

My car broke down on Thursday night. It made a big pop while I was driving back from the shops on Anzac Highway. It wouldn't start yesterday. I'll try again today . . . I hope it's nothing too serious . . . or expensive.

I've spent most of the week working on these pages. I spent a bit of time making two separate sites with audio and video players, but then I managed to get the built-in players in the CMS working . . . so I'll try using those. I don't think they look as nice though. I managed to break the page on Thursday my making mods to the config file, or the default template file. I had to get John to fix it for me. Then when I got back from John's and made some more tweeks . . . it broke again. I managed to fix it . . . I'd missed a comma. Doh.

I'll potter around the house and garden today, then off to the Gaslight. I hope Rob has got some decent people playing and we get a good crowd. Fingers crossed.


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