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"breathless contentment / but the phone never answers / hanging on the line"  #haiku @darkhaikumoon
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Quatero del Bloggo

Tuesday morning 3 am

On Monday I drove Paul up to the Flinders Medical Centre and went up to visit John. We sorted out a few little problems I've been having with this site, little snippets of code, functions, components, scripts and stuffs like that. We had quite a bit of rain so I was able to see how John's drains were going since they had been cleared out. 

I figured out how to change the background of these pages to light on dark . . . I think it looks better this way, I'll leave it like this for a while and see how it goes. I'm working on an mp3 Player for a Radio Curly page, it's working fine locally, but not when I import it into CSSimple, I have to sort out where the css and javascript files are called from. I'm also working on a video player page, but not too successful there.

I tried installing an mp3 music and mp4 video plugin but the instructions are very vague and I managed to break the template on one page . . . and then had errror messages appearing on every other page. They went away when I disabled one of the plug ins. There are still quite a few things to do . . . good thing I have plenty of time.

Sunday night I didn't sleep at all. I stayed up all night making little changes and tweeking lines of code. I had a great sleep on Monday night . . . hence me waking up at three this morning. I guess there's nothing else to do . . . except blog. If it wasn't dark I'd go out into the garden and potter around.

Well, that's enough blogging for now.

Adios amigos.

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