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"clouds peer through sunshine ~ speckled in an azure sky ~ lazy autumn days"  #haiku @darkhaikumoon
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Cold cold Monday

Brrrr . . . what a freezing day it is today. Cold and wet, it's only about 11 degrees and it's only going to get up to 14. I think that must be the coldest day we've had for a while - far too cold to sit out in the garden. 

Last night at the Gaslight was quiet, again. Some good music, but not a lot of people, I don't know how this will go over the next few months when the weather starts to get colder - I hope it's going to be a mild winter.

I have to do something about my car - it's broken down around the corner, on the other side of South Road and Anzac Highway. If it stops raining I'll wander over there later today and see if it wants to start. Grrrrrr.

I've been working on playlists for our band of musicians so we can post them up here, slowly making some progress. Next I have to update the stories and blurb . . . because some of it is faux copy. I've managed not to break these pages again, I'm trying to figure out a simpler menu system, I'll probably leave some pages out. Less is more. 

That's enough for this little post.

Adioso amigos

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