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Autumn Winter Planting Guide for Adelaide

Knowing what to plant during the different seasons is very important. Here is a rough guide to planting vegetables and herbs in Adelaide over the autumn and winter months.



Winter has usually arrived and conditions are cool to cold and, hopefully, quite wet.
Average temperatures - Max. 16.1°C. Min.8.1°C.




Vegetables - Seeds and Seedlings: Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Endive, Onions, Peas, Radish.
Seeds only; Broad Beans, Lettuce.
Almond trees should be planted this month. Other deciduous trees, and bare-rooted shrubs, including roses can also go in later in the month, or during July.




In July conditions are wet cold and windy, often with frost at night. This is traditionally the wettest month of the year.

Mean maximum temperatures are between 15°-18° Celsius over most of the State




Vegetables - Seeds and Seedlings: Cabbage, Lettuce, Onions, Parsnip, Radish, Rhubarb.
Deciduous trees, vines, shrubs, and roses should be planted this month.


Almond trees are in full blossom early this month, the Willunga Almond Festival begins on the last weekend in July, and continues for 2 weeks. The winter flowering wattles add their delicious perfume to the air, and many other natives are in full bloom. August is usually cold, wet and windy. All areas average at least 25mm of rain.

Average temperatures - Max.16.7°C. Min.8.2°C.

Vegetables - Asparagus (crowns), Beetroot (seeds), Broccoli (seedlings), Cabbage (seedlings), Carrot (seeds), Garlic (seeds and corms), Leeks (seeds and seedlings), Lettuce (seeds and seedlings), Onions (seeds and seedlings), Parsnip (Seeds), Potato (seeds), Radish (seeds), Rhubarb (crowns), Strawberry (potted plants), Spinach (seeds and seedlings).


Source: Arachne

You can find another good planting guide for Adelaide conditions at:


What am I planting?

I have a lot of small rows of vegetables growing. I'm not sure whether I should be growing all of these at the right season, but most of them seem to be doing ok. We are having a relatively mild autumn here in Adelaide, and hopefully winter will be the same. 

I am tending to plant more from established seedlings rather than growing from seed. I have tried with some plants but found that onions and leeks take too long to grow from seed. Corriander grows better from established seedlings rather than gambling that seeds will sprout and grow. Even carrots seem to be strong when purchased as seedlings. Basil seems to do well from seed.

I will often pop in a few seeds, beans, peas, sweet corn, tomato - because these will sprout quickly if it's warm enough. 


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