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"rolling winding road ~ take me wither you may go ~ in one direction"  #haiku @darkhaikumoon
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My Blog . . . random thoughts and jottings from a life of chaos

Numero tres . . . all blogged out

Sunday morning . . . 2.20 am . . . .15 June 2014  All blogged out I should be asleep, but I seem to be watching the soccer on television. I should think about someting to eat, I've only been snacking . . . I should have one more snack before I go to bed. Yesterday was a very quiet day, I worked on these web pages, did a little bit out in the garden, went down to the shops to get some bread and something for tea that I haven't eaten yet. I'd better put the griller on . . . maybe a cup of coffee too. I found some photographs of my garden before I started growing anything . . . it looked pretty bare . . . I can hardly recognise it.   Read more >>

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Posto duo . . . the second post . . .

Saturday afternoon, 14 June 2014 Somewhere in the depths of Adelaide, sunny South Australia Posto duo . . . the second post . . . Doh . . . I managed to install a blog onto my new website . . . but it installs onto the first page and has wiped out the previous content . . . not sure yet how to point the blog to another page . . . but perhaps I might just leave it here and try and place a welcome message somewhere above the blog. Nothing is ever as simple as it seems. Right . . . I worked out how to redirect the blog to a page called MyBlog and the content from my home page has reappeared. This blog doesn't seem to support comments . . .   Read more >>

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First Post . . . a simple blog

Testing a blog post for my GetSimple website. This is my first post. I hope to make many more. I need to find some sort of subject to write about. Perhaps I could use this as a diary. Who knows. Saturday 14 June 2014 I got up early. I don't know why, but it was just in time to see the start of Australia playing Chile in the World Cup. We lost 3-1 but it was a good match. I don't know why I'm caught up in all this soccer excitement. I'm not even a big fan of soccer, though it's a sport that I grew up with in England. Today marks the 50th anniversary of my family's arrival in Australia . . . and the 50th anniversary of the Beatles Adelaide and   Read more >>

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