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"my heart skips a beat ~ as I gaze upon your face ~ in the zombie night"  #haiku @darkhaikumoon
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The life and times of Chris Loft, living a humble and solitary existence . . . at an unknown location somewhere in the uncharted wilds and back streets of Adelaide, sunny South Australia . . .

I've finally got (am getting) my web page together, it has been a few years since has been active. I used to enjoy writing web pages . . . but that seems like a distant time ago. This site has been constructed using GetSimple CMS, a basic, but easy-to-use content management system. 

My original reason for getting onto the internet was to promote my music and video clips. A few years ago I was producing music for a bunch of weird-looking guys who played in some sort of techno funk hippity hoppity band. Soon other bands and musicians came and we established a collective of like minded souls, producing our own brand of dancy trancy, acid jazz. There is a selection of songs here on these pages and links to more content at other sites. I hope you enjoy our music and our video clips.

I have also been writing a bit of haiku (Japanese short-form micropoetry). I will endeavour to post haiku here as well as on Twitter. Feel free to add me on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, ReverbNation . . . or where ever you can find me.

. . . and a blog . . . I've just added a blog . . . so expect me to start blogging . . . anytime . . . soon . . . I've added some photo galleries and somewhere you will find a little chat widget . . . don't be shy . . . come and say hello. Just added Saturday, 20 June . . . a page for the artists of Radio Curly with an mp3 player for each artist . . . and some pages for artists with video clips. I'm still working on the text and bios and stuffs . . . and filling out some of the playlists . . . and uploading a few tunes . . . slowly making some progress. 

I've got a little ticker tape on the top of my Haiku page and a comment box down at the end of the page. I've scattered a few comment boxes around here and there, it will be great to get some comments and feedback. So far the only person who has been helpful is this Homer dude from over in the States somewhere. I've placed a different sort of commenting system on my blog pages - and I've started a few posts about gardening. 

Added a guestbook that I might use as a commenting/feedback thingy-me-bob . . . and then maybe delete some of the other commenting code. Added a playlist from SoundCloud for FLuX and their album Frosted Edges. I'm thinking that I might transfer my haiku page into a blog format . . . and then maybe autopost to Facebook, GooglePlus and Twitter instead of doing all that manually . . . but then I think I can only use the blog component for haiku . . . we'll see . . .

Uploaded some new video clips . . . well . . . more like photo compilations rather than a video clip . . . but never-the-less - you can see them on their own special page . . . Nu Video Clipz or you can watch them on Youtube

Chief coffee grinder . . . dish washer . . . cleaner . . . cook . . . music and video producer . . . songwriter . . . poet . . . lighting and sound engineer . . . gardener . . . father . . . general all 'round nice guy . . . absolutely no sense of humour what-so-ever . . . social media deviant and misfit . . . graphic designer . . . web designer . . . writer . . . ne'er do well . . . alchemist . . . student . . . of sound mind and good character . . .

Please don't google me . . . it hurts!

Well, welcome to my world on the internet, have a wander around. See you soon.